What is the Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© Experiment?

What is the Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© Experiment?

A deeper dive into the context & definition of the Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© as it stands for me.

What does slow mean?

What is the MoFlow?

What does revolution & a win-win-win intention have to do with this experiment. Listen to find out that and more.

Entrepreneurship for me has been a damm rollercoaster. A lot of lessons learned and also many heartbreaking scenarios that have ultimately coalesced that way that I uniquely ‘see’ entrepreneurship & business. 

I have run the whole gammit of outsourcing & learning. Taking it all in, the coaches, mentors, guides and many more influences that have willingly come into my world. Much of it was totally unpalatable, but a trial and error mindset was adopted. 

Why was I so adverse to marketing, was it marketing as it stands or the shitty tactics that people employed in order to get the sale? Was I just perceived as an open wallet to others without even bothering to build a relationship.

It was curious indeed. 

I discovered when I went to the genesis of marketing that it was born out of the field of psychology (Edward Bernays) & used to modify collective belief & behaviour for their own profiteering. Two sides of the same coin, Propaganda, PR & Marketing.
An amazing application of this behaviour modification was to change the collective belief that woman did not smoke. They were perceived as rebellious and not what proper society was. 
This was backed by American Tobacco Company, who wanted to sell to a larger audience. 
An interesting article about the whole campaign riding on the suffrage movement and pinning this activity to women’s liberation is tragic genius. 

So my trial & error of certain tactics left a bad taste in my mouth.

Also, just to iterate, there is a massive difference between a strategy & a tactic. For me a tactic is rooted in manipulation, extraction & seeing someone as a commodity instead of a human being. A strategy can be modified to create a foundational business understanding about the mechanics, sequence & process of certain things. It also is highly adaptable to the individuals journey & moral compass. 

The Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© Experiment was born more than anything out of a frustration of how business is done. It needed to be revolutionised and liberated from its narrow & limiting parameters. 

Essentially I started to apply Discernment, Soul, Creativity & Intuition into my business journey. What I discovered is the absolute need for my business to be underpinned by something. That something were virtues. I discovered that my Business Virtues of Truth, Innocence & Justice were going to be the driving force in my decision making process. When it came to adopting or implementing any strategy it needed to pass through these filters. It blew a lot of business advice out of the water and freed up a lot of space to create what i wanted to see in the world. 

Coming from a Shamanic perspective, EVERYTHING is intimately connected. Including my business (which is a separate consciousness) to the people that my business interacts and communicates with. 

Adopting a win-win-win philosophy where my business, myself, my clients & the world were impacted in a way that was harmonious & transformational. This is what I was after. This is what I was looking for. 

After years of following, seeking, learning, inputting & listening. I finally had found something that could encompass this philosophy. The Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© Experiment. 

As with everything it is a work in progress & I would love for you to try this out for yourself if it resonates. 

the video below goes into more details. 

Look forward to our connection & see you next week.


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