Art Exhibits & Virtual Shows

November 2023

Under the Southern Skies

Heaven IN Earth © (40 x 30”) Acrylic on Canvas

This piece “Heaven IN Earth ©” is from the 13-moon program delivered and guided by myself called Transcend – Walking with Creativity into the Shadowlands.
The journey was an intentional descent & ascent through the subconscious to reveal the hidden patterns, conditioning, programming and bring them into the light.
Using the tools of creativity, intention, intuition, shamanic journeying, storytelling with the epic scaffolding of the Sumerian Goddess Myth of Innana – Queen of Heaven & Earth to guide us.
The scaffolding of Innana allowed reflection, contemplation & awareness to percolate and finally lock into a change of consciousness for myself at the incredible power the physical vessel HAS.
Heaven IN Earth is the physical reminder of the alchemical bridging power of the physical body in mediating between Heaven & Earth, matter & form, desire & reality.

December 2020

Colour of Women – Revealing Soulwork

Sovereign Queen of my Heart© (40 x 30”) Acrylic on Canvas

Podcasts, Summits & More

28 January 2024

World Awakenings, the Fast Track to Enlightenment Podcast w/ Karl Gruber.

She’s literally a Metaphysical and Spiritual Renaissance Woman! Of all the guests I have ever had here on World Awakenings, my guest on episode #147, from Australia, Alison Haitana, may be one of the most intriguing, because she is able to integrate her metaphysical and spiritual gifts and genius into the practical, every day needs of our modern world in ways never considered before! Alison collaborates with artists, creatives, and esoteric entrepreneurs to articulate and channel their vision of your business into a dynamic feminine essence website. She is also a Shamanic Practitioner, Intentional Creativity Teacher, Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, Alchemist, and Catalyst Queen. To top it all off, she is also an Archetypal Website Designer & Mystic who Bridges the esoteric and practical realms together in an innovative and revolutionary website design process & framework.

8 December 2023

This interview was recorded with Dewi Maile Lim of New Earth Luminary for Rebel Heart Convergence: Women on the Frontlines of the Global Awakening.

26 October 2023

Interview with Alison Haitana – Mystical Mofo & Tech Ninja – Bridging The Mystical & Technological In Archetypal Website Design

5 April 2023

QUICKENING! is a global movement to connect and strengthen our ties as trailblazing, courageous women on the front lines of evolutionary change at this crucial time of awakening on the planet!

The QUICKENING! Embodied feminine leadership speaker series is creating a groundswell of support and deep resonance amongst the women participating (speakers + live audience members + replay attendees). We believe in collaboration over competition and we openly share our Thought Leadership and experiences with each other in support of anchoring in a new paradigm of women supporting women in business. 

22 May 2022

“What an epic conversation I had with Änna Von Der Grün as we dived deep into the ugly, messy parts of our evolutionary journey here on planet Earth as well as using the shadowlands as the fuel for our own medicine!

I Hope that you find some interesting perspectives to assist you in your evolutionary journey. Looking forward to talking on her podcast very soon, talking about New Earth Entrepreneurship.

21 June 2021

Tricia Dycka – The Profitable Empath

The ‘Keys to the Cosmos – How the Universe works’ will be a fun and insightful talk about how the Universe really works and how you can learn, understand and embody these principles for your own growth & expansion.


Ready to Rise – Re-Weave the Narrative

Reading of My Book Chapter by Cheri Shapley


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