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What is an Archetypal Website Designer©?

What is an Archetypal Website Designer©?

That is a curious question for sure and one that I have continued to refine & integrate as I work more and more with this process. 

Ultimately, it is a feminine channeled website build that takes into consideration my client, their business & a feminine archetype. These energies are embedded into the build and when launched ripple out into the world creating a sense of harmony in the energetic ecosystem that is the internet. 

Why & How?

That will require a bit more of an explanation!

In order to know HOW, it requires an explanation of my life’s experience, professional capacity & personal curiosity. 

Lesss goo back…. 
I have always been fascinated by the use of technology for creativity then gaming. My first interaction with a computer was an Apple IIe at primary school. I was fascinated with its capacity to turn my stories into written word via a dot matrix printer. Below is an image that shows the sheer weight and size of it lol. 
Yes, I was there from the evolution of floppy disks, to 3 1/4 to cd. Was a hell of a ride. 
Anyhow, I always loved this potential portal to magical worlds. 

Apple IIe computer
dot matrix printer

Most of my professional life involved working very intimately with computers & I started o understand their logic based story. Input – Output, was pretty simple from my perspective. As the world evolved so did computers and my use of them. First as a means to capture story, then I became an active story character by playing MUDs or virtual gaming. 

As time went on I studied shamanism, hermetic philosophy, alchemy, magic etc. Immersed myself in training on shamanism, intuition & creativity. 

It all started to simmer & boil together in a cauldron. The technology, internet, shamanism & creativity. What emerged was a hell of a surprise but just felt right. 

I had been building website on a WordPress  platform for a couple of years but something just felt off. It wasn’t until I combined, intention, vibration & archetypes that it all was clearly seen. 

An archetype is just a collection of patterns that repeat with known behaviours & story. That is how I use them in this context. For me they are a face of the Divine. One facet of the complete diamond. 

So I merged them together & the miraculous occurred. I stated to infuse & embed in the build this face of the Divine. Then when the site was launched this energetic vibration rippled out into the internet. Impacting & harmonising that ecosystem. 

Everything is Energy they say. So lets apply that thinking to EVERYTHING!

That is why I do Website design in the manner that I do, any other way now would be, for myself a disservice. 
I am after that win-win-win moment. When I do website design in this matter that is exactly what happens. 

So thats the long and short of it. 
The video below goes into a bit more detail if you are interested. 

Till then, take care & see you next week.


Prefer to watch?

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What tools did I use to create this content?

WordPress – Website & Blogging platform. Astra theme & Elementor Page Builder.
Zoom (free) – to record the content. I like zoom as I get a mp4 & mp3 file.
Descript (free) – create the transcript from the zoom mp4 file. Also able to trim the larger video into bite size pieces. Its pretty simple due to editing the file like a word document
Canva (free). – to create the You Tube banner & You Tube Thumbnail. The YT Banner I got as a template from Gulce Onganer’s program “Launch Your YouTube Channel”, the YT Thumbnail was a free template.
Images – (these images are part of my Brand Mood Board so already had them)

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