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The Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© Experiment

The Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© Experiment

As the wheel turns from Summer to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. I had  time & space to myself to really sit with myself & my business. To reflect on my Entrepreneurial Journey thus far. 

There have been many lessons learned and completely shattered beliefs on the road. 
Looking back and focusing inward has been inspiring, illuminating and also highlighted many bullshit stories and beliefs that I took on about my business. All the shoulda, coulda, wouldas came into stark view. 

I had to let it all go. Clean the slate and go back to the drawing board. 

I was no where where I desired or wanted to be in my business. The ‘numbers’ were not inspiring me. Survival, lack & scarcity seemed my constant companions.  I needed to break free from many shitty beliefs and behaviours. 

So I searched. 
I looked.
I listened.
I went inward.
I came back out.
Decisions & choices were made. 

It was time to stop fucking around and put the vision to action. 

This is how I was inspired to create this blog/vlog & document my Slow MoFlow Entrepreneur© Experiment. 


Prefer to watch?

Here is the video for you...

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What tools did I use to create this content?

WordPress – Website & Blogging platform. Astra theme & Elementor Page Builder.
Zoom (free) – to record the content. I like zoom as I get a mp4 & mp3 file.
Descript (free) – create the transcript from the zoom mp4 file. Also able to trim the larger video into bite size pieces. Its pretty simple due to editing the file like a word document
Canva (free). – to create the You Tube banner & You Tube Thumbnail. The YT Banner I got as a template from Gulce Onganer’s program “Launch Your YouTube Channel”, the YT Thumbnail was a free template.
Images – (these images are part of my Brand Mood Board so already had them)

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